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YakritNova – Syrup for Liver & Enzyme – 225 ML

YakritNova – Syrup for Liver & Enzyme – 225 ML

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YakritNova – Syrup for Liver & Enzyme – 225 ML

YakritNova Liver Enzyme syrup is a natural formula for better liver and digestive system. It contains extracts of herbs and plants that help to eliminate wastes of the kidney, liver, and digestive system. This is an organic Liver tonic that improves overall health within a short time.

If you suffer from poor immunity, start consuming YakritNova Liver Enzyme tonic every day. This syrup improves the immune system by boosting the stamina of the body. It also keeps infections, diseases, and bacteria at bay. It is safe to consume this herbal syrup for a long time. The syrup is ideal for both adults and kids.

What makes YakritNova Liver Enzyme syrups Special?

YakritNova is the best medicine for the liver made from natural ingredients such as extracts of herbs and plants. It is prepared in a safe environment as per the highest industry standards.  You can consume this herbal medicine for liver disorders daily to get a better digestive system and healthier immune system.

This is one of the most effective Liver Care syrups that do not cause severe side effects in the body. It is easy to digest by anyone. You can also use this syrup for a long time for improving your digestive system and kidney functioning.
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  • 100% Natural and Herbal

    This product is made entirely from all-natural ingredients, free from any artificial additives or preservatives.

  • Authentic Ayurveda

    We use age-old formulas and traditional methods passed down through generations. It is formulated with natural herbs, roots, and botanicals that have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to promote balance and wellness.

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