Whole body healing system resides in one word that is Ayurveda. Being ancient and around 3000 years old rooting from India, Ayurveda believes in creating balance between mind soul and body, and so does SAPTNOVA LLP!

SAPTNOVA, focuses on the ayurvedic belief of creating harmony with universe and thus bringing balance and achieving good health. An evolving brand, we cater to provide wellness solutions to you through quality health products. SAPTNOVA provides uniquely formulated, tailored and manufactured products to increase and improve body functions with regular intake. SAPTNOVA takes care of maintaining natural components while manufacturing the supplements which enhance liveliness of organs retain balance and regain freshness and growth.

In India the huge wellness range is available with products packed with toxic chemicals artificial fragrances and colours. SAPTNOVA is trying to cater to this gap and has brought natural offerings for the customers with natural and non-toxic range of products that are free from chemicals and artificiality. The Indian lifestyle is changing as we are adopting according to new world but we are not able to create a balance between the new lifestyle and healthy living. To fill this gap Saptnova is making all possible efforts to create a balance between the 3 Doshas and changing lifestyle and dietary habits of Indian consumers. Saptnova provides both nutritional and personal care range for its users.

Offerings by Saptnova

  • Multivitamins
  • Weight Loss Medicines
  • Liver Care Medicines
  • Immunity Boosters
  • Protein Supplements
  • General Remedies