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Stress Relief Herbal Tea 35 GM

Stress Relief Herbal Tea 35 GM

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This Stress Relief Herbal Tea especially made for relaxation, calming, and mood boosting. Herbs found in such as hibiscus, Rama Tulsi, and pepper mint, reduce stress and anxiety, and decrease migraine attacks. It gives relief to mind and improve quality sleep. If we adopt this in our everyday life, then it improves our concentration level. Stress Relief Herbal Tea makes our life stress free and our brain work very actively.
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Support Relaxation, Calming and Mood Boosting

Helps to Manage Stress & Anxiety

May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Improve Quality of Sleep & Brain Function

Effective in Insomnia

May help Relieve Headaches & Migraines

May Improve Concentration


Xynthosilum Armatum

Xynthosilum Armatum used for stress management. It has many medicinal properties which are prevent from parasitic disease, inflammation, snakebites, stomach problems, and skin injury. It also prevents us from obesity.


Hibiscus is mainly used from ancient times to reduce depression and anxiety. The anti-oxidant and vitamin C available in it helps in reducing our anxiety and cool down our body and mind. It helps to improve productivity and concentration.

Pepper Mint

Pepper mint has menthol component which helps to relax your muscles and relieving stress. It is very effective in headaches and migraine attack. With the regular use of it we enhance our memory and increase our helps to gain restful stress less sleep.


Chamomile has an anti-anxiety medication which helps to get stress less sleep. Many studies say that long term use of chamomile reduces anxiety and stress. It has an apigenin component who gives calmative effect on the brain and we feel sleepy.

Rama Tulsi

Rama Tulsi antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen our immune system. It helps in controlling diabetes, blood pressure in our body. Its psychological effect is that we remain stress free. When we are physically healthy, we stay away from mental disorders as well.

  • 100% Natural and Herbal

    This product is made entirely from all-natural ingredients, free from any artificial additives or preservatives.

  • Authentic Ayurveda

    We use age-old formulas and traditional methods passed down through generations. It is formulated with natural herbs, roots, and botanicals that have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to promote balance and wellness.

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